$SANTIS: Ron DeSantis PolitiFi Meme Coin

$SANTIS is a PolitiFi Memecoin created in honor of Ron DeSantis, Florida governor, 2024 U.S Presidential candidate and a top pick as Donald Trump's vice president.

☝️After Donald Trump won GOP nomination as President, $SANTIS mascot Ron DeSantis officially endorsed Trump, vowed to fundraise & campaign for MAGA!

Join de TRUMP-SANTIS 2024 ticket and let's make crypto great again!💪

Launched May 2023. Locked LP, Renounced CA + 1% Reflections to Holders.

Trump speaks highly of DeSantis

Elon Musk Effect on DeSantis Coin

Why Buy $SANTIS?


100 Trillion Coins

90% Uniswap

5% Team Locked 🔒

5% Donations/Marketing


1% Tax Reflections

Low Slippage 1%

🔒Locked LP (1 year)

Contract Renounced


Elon Musk follows @RonDeSantis on X

Elon Musk is a pro-DeSantis Supporter

  • The Only PolitiFi Meme Coin with 1% Tax going back to all Holders as Reflections
  • Contract Renounced. LP Locked for 12 Months. 5% Supply Reserved/Locked
  • First Ron DeSantis Coin to launch on Ethereum. Featured on Yahoo! Finance
  • DeSantis is America's best Governor, and could be elected as Trump's VP 2024
  • Our mascot Ron De Santis is a natural heir to the Donald Trump family

  • 1% $SANTIS supply sent to Trump's wallet & 1% reserved for Ron DeSantis

  • 1st donation to charities supporting American Veterans at $1Million Mcap


$SANTIS MemeCoin x $TRUMP MAGA MemeCoin



How to Buy

Step 1 : Create a Wallet

Connect your wallet. Paste SANTIS token address into Uniswap, select SANTIS, and confirm. When MetaMask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.

Mobile users : Download MetaMask from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users : download the google chrome extension by going to metamask.io.

Step 2 : Go to app.uniswap.org or any other DEX

Step 3 : Swap ETH for SANTIS

1% Tax as Reflections. Set slippage to 1-2% range

$SANTIS the only meme coin with a low 1% tax that goes back to all holders as reflections. Let that sink in!

Note: You can also use fiat to buy SANTIS coin directly on our website, via Flooz.


Don't fade political meme coins this 2024 U.S elections szn...

Join the $SANTIS Crypto Revolution everywhere!

DISCLAIMER: The community project powered by $SANTIS meme coin has no direct association with Ron DeSantis or his Presidential campaign 2024 or 2028. Creation and use of this token are intended for fun, engagement, and a demonstration of technological enthusiasm rather than as a conventional investment or financial instrument. The value and significance of DeSantisCoin primarily stem from its cultural and symbolic status within our community, in support of Ron DeSantis' political ambitions--who pledged to protect people's right to trade digital assets like Bitcoin.